Who would have thought that Normal would be so great??

We had another great check up today! The doctor said Kate’s heart looks great on the echo, she actually used the word “normal” which is a word we love to hear, one that we will never take for granted after going through this. Normal… not hyper- dynamic, or thick, or irritable, or any of the other words they have used to describe her new heart… words they told us not to be alarmed about but that sounded so dang scary. Just normal.

We saw one of her nurses who we haven’t seen in several weeks, and it was a great feeling to see her reaction to Katelyn. She kept “ooh-ing” and “ah-ing” at how cute (and healthy) she looked, and was so impressed with her chubby little cheeks and round Buddha belly. And let me tell you, Katelyn just eats up the attention, you so much as whisper the word pretty and her face just lights up with the sweetest smile and the biggest dimples.

She is weighing in at just under 12.5 lbs and almost 24 inches long. Her electrolytes are looking better, her magnesium level is just a tad low so we have to continue with the supplement, and her potassium is back on track.. it’s been high since her surgery.Β  We are adding a yucky multivitamin because shes slightly anemic… but other than that her other labs looked good.

The doctor confirmed that we are definitely still on track to leave October 3rd. We are counting down they days, literally. We have 18 to be exact πŸ™‚ Her next clinic appointment is Sept. 29th (she will have an echo, chest xray, blood work and see the doc) and she sees the genetics team on the 3rd. They did lots of genetic testing on her when we first arrived in Houston, and we are anxious to see the results.

And last but not least, we started a Facebook page for Kate. We know its easier for some people to read little updates here and there in on their FB page than it is to log on to the blog. I will still update here after her appointments with more detailed information, but the FB page will allow us to share more frequent, smaller updates on more of a day to day basis… all the little fun stuff πŸ™‚ Also, we are in the beginning stages of starting a foundation in Katelyn’s name to help other families going through the same thing, who are in need of certain resources and support. The FB page will allow us to post information about fundraising and other foundation needs. “Like” us at http://www.facebook.com/katelynsmarathon.




About katelynsmarathon

Our blog follows the journey of our sweet baby girl, Katelyn Mae. She was born April 14, 2011. At 5 weeks old she was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and we were informed she would need a heart transplant. We were transferred to Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, TX. On Sunday, July 3rd we received the life changing call that a heart was available for our princess. Katelyn is absolutely thriving with her new heart and we are eternally thankful for the miracle workers we call her doctors, and the donor family that gave the gift of life to our Kate.
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4 Responses to Who would have thought that Normal would be so great??

  1. Stacey Rosales says:

    So, so glad to hear this absolutely wonderful news! She’s such a doll πŸ™‚

  2. JeniferR says:

    This is just so amazing!!!! We are so glad to hear that she is doing this well. Praise be to God!

  3. Julie Moutes says:

    It’s just awsome to be normal

  4. valerie melton says:

    i have followed katelyns progress since i saw her on my friend amie foughts FB page, I spent alot of time on my knees praying for her, as I am sure everyone has, she is a beautiful little girl and a strong little girl. God has great plans for her life you are so lucky to have her as she is is lucky to have great parents that love her so much, i love hearing about her progress, keep up informed thank you

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