Sunday, December 11th

It feels like forever since I have posted anything!

I apologize for all those waiting on an update, but like they say, no news is good news!

We have been to Houston twice for checkups since coming home in October. Kate doesn’t care for the drive much, but the appointments go just beautifully!

Her heart function is great, her labs look good and she is growing like a weed. Our big girl is up to 16 pounds and 26 inches as of her last appointment this past Thursday. We are so proud of her!! She has such an appetite, she loves her milk and her baby food (well all except for the pureed veggies) and lately has really enjoyed bites of our dinner. Tonight she even got little tastes of the hotdogs we roasted for her big brother’s birthday!

Her next appointment will be in January, it will be for the biopsy. They will insert a catheter into her femural artery and up to her heart. They check for any rejection she might be experiencing. We are extremely optimistic about this procedure and are anticipating absolutely no rejection since she is doing so visibly well, but its still nerve wracking. She will be put completely asleep while they do the procedure and will be admitted to the hospital a total of about 12 hours. If all goes well we are released to come back home, and she won’t have to be seen again until March! We are unsure of the day of the appointment yet, our transplant coordinator is going to call us in the next week or two to schedule. Please keep our sweet baby in your prayers, that the doctors don’t find any trace of rejection, that they only see healthy heart tissue!

We are so excited that we get to spend the holidays together in our own home. We’ve gotten to spend Thanksgiving with our families, we celebrated Braden’s birthday this weekend (he turns 6 tomorrow) and Christmas is coming so fast! At times it still feels surreal; as we were really expecting to still be in Houston when all this began.

Today we were able to take the kiddos to see Santa. A friend suggested we call and just see if they would open early for us one day so Kate wouldn’t have to wait in the crowd of kids and be exposed to all the germs. The staff was so accommodating and Santa was just wonderful. He made sure the whole place was disinfected for us, they really went above and beyond. Santa took a special interest in our little Kate, he told us his wife was also a transplant patient! So, in case you were unaware, Mrs. Claus has herself a new lung!

Since this will probably be our last update before Christmas, we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas, from our family to yours, thank you all so much for supporting our family through this tough year, and May God Bless you all this holiday season!




About katelynsmarathon

Our blog follows the journey of our sweet baby girl, Katelyn Mae. She was born April 14, 2011. At 5 weeks old she was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and we were informed she would need a heart transplant. We were transferred to Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, TX. On Sunday, July 3rd we received the life changing call that a heart was available for our princess. Katelyn is absolutely thriving with her new heart and we are eternally thankful for the miracle workers we call her doctors, and the donor family that gave the gift of life to our Kate.
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2 Responses to Sunday, December 11th

  1. sherry allison says:

    Thank you so much for the update. So pleased for your little one doing so well. God is good. I am amazed at your strength and endurance. May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas as I know you will with all the blessings in Katelyns progress. May the Lord continue to show his grace and healing power. Love the Allisons

  2. Debbie childress says:

    Wow Courtney! Your family is just precious. God bless you guys and enjoy Christmas!!

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